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eBook Download


Here you can download a copy of The Amber Treasure as an audio book.

You can click on the link below to listen to the chapters or Rt Click and Save the file to download it. You can also download the entire ZIP File here.


Name Description Released
1. AmberTreasure-01 - The Amber Treasure Prologue 'My Uncle' and Chapter 1 'The Villa'. My uncle stood on the battlefield, surrounded by the corpses of his men.
Episode 2: Cerdic discovers he has rivals and enemies.
Episode 3: Gathering war clouds and more about Hussa and Aedann.
Episode 4: Hussa and Cerdic fight in a tournament to win a sword. Then war comes to Cerdham.
Episode 5: The boys fight their first battle and death comes to the village.
Episode 6: As the full horror of the raid becomes apparent, Cerdic prepares to leave home and go to war.
Episode 7: Cerdic and his friends are with an army raiding Elmet. But it all goes very wrong.
Episode 8: Cerdic finally confronts the traitor, but all is not what is seems.
Episode 9: Cerdic and the company now face a desperate fight to escape the fort.
Episode 10: The company must fight to get home. But how will Cynric deal with Aedann?
Episode 11: Cerdic meets the King and then is off again to war. But where are they going and why?
Episode 12: Cerdic finds out why Catraeth is so important and before he knows it finds himself in a battle.
Episode 13: The battle turns into a slaughter and Cerdic is on the wrong side.
Episode 14: Can Cerdic persuade the Prince to stop and fight?
Episode 15: The Battle of Catreath reaches its climax. But can Cerdic find Mildrith.
Episode 16: The final episode. What happens to Hussa?

Help with installation:

Just click on a link to play the file.

Alternatively, cppy the files and open with an AVS viewer or save onto your MP£ player.


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